Wednesday, July 21, 2010


All paths lead to Almighty (Para Brahma) when worshiped sincerely. 
Hindu (Sanathan Dharma) religion has numerous Gods and Goddesses. In their praise various Stotra (hymns of praise), Stuti (in memory of), Chalisa (40 verses composed in praise) and Artii (sung with light and lamps) have been written.
I have created simple English rhymes of the above to help people comprehend them.

On YOUTUBE Bhajans (Songs): Krishna

DAY                  COLOUR                   DEITY 
Monday             White                       Shivji;  Ganeshji

Tuesday              Red                        Hanumanji - Gatha; Kali

Wednesday         Green                     Vithal; Krishna incarnation

Thursday             Yellow                    Vishnu & incarnations  Saraswati Ma

Friday                  Blue                       Ma - Laxmiji; Santoshi; Durgaji 

Saturday              Black                      Shaniji

Sunday                Orange                   Surya;  Ram
The deity worshiped on a particular day varies from region to region and community to community. Result of all upvaas or fast depends on the person. It is best, if all family members undertake Vrata together. All rituals and observances are path towards understanding the Supreme and automatically alleviate sufferings. Worship Brahma always, Ishta Dev daily & Kula Dev (at place of origin) annually. 

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