Monday  FirstSecond, Third (Fast Breaking)Monday fast is practised to propitiate Lord Shiva - having special significance in the month of Shravan. Meals are taken once a day, generally after midday. 
Monday fast is for a happy family life and knowledge acquisition.
Tuesday - First, Second (before breaking fast), Third - The fast is observed for obtaining royal patronage, happiness or for getting a son. People generally wear red clothes at worship and offer red flowers to the deity. God Hanuman is also worshiped.
Wednesday - Story - On Wednesday fast meals are taken once a day, generally in the afternoon. The use of green articles is preferred. The fast is observed in the name of Lord Krishna. It is believed that it promotes happiness in life and deepens love between husband and wife. The devotees listen to this story before breaking the fast. Wednesday is also connected with Planet Mercury.
Thursday - First, Second, Third - On Thursday Fast devotees should listen this story before breaking fast. They worship Vishnu, Saraswati, Vrihaspati Mahadeva or Jupiter. They wear yellow clothes and shower yellow flowers. Meals with yellow color are preferred. Women worship the banana tree and water it. Food items are made with yellow-coloured cows ghee.
Friday - First, SecondOn Friday fast the devotees wear white clothes and eat white food, like kheer, only at night. Sour dishes are avoided. It is believed that all the afflictions due to Shukra get pacified if one keeps a fast on this day. One gets all sorts of joys and happiness. Shukra is Venus Planet. Shukras idol is worshipped with white flowers and rice.
Saturday - First, Second, ThirdOn Saturday fast  devotees worship Saturn idol made of iron. Black flowers, black sesame seeds (itls,). horse bean (urada) and black clothes are used for worship. Black articles and oil are given in donation. Black sesame and horse bean are taken as food. Wives do not perform journey to their paternal home town. The Saturday fast keeps away all the hurdles and misfortunes. Saturn sits in a mirror chariot, yoked with eight black horses.
Sunday - First, Second - On Sundays fast in the name of Surya Narain or the Sun God is kept. Food is taken once a day, generally fruits, before sun-set. Salt and fried items are avoided. It is believed that a fast on a Sunday saves one from skin diseases like leprosy, ringworm, and eye sores. Sun God is worshipped with red sandalwood and red flowers.