Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday Fast - 2

Once there was an old lady. She used to observe Tuesday fast. She enjoyed all sorts of prosperity. Her daughter-in-law used to give her four loaves on every Tuesday. She used to go to the Hanuman Temple and offered two loaves there. The remaining two she ate herself and felt satisfied.
Once the daughter-in-law asked her children to follow their grandmother and to keep a watch over her activities. Her grandsons noticed that their grandmother offered two loaves to Lord Hanuman and broke her fast with the remaining two. They reported the matter to their mother. Their mother thought that the old lady was wasting two loaves and decided to cook two loaves only.
On the next Tuesday, the daughter-in-law gave her only two loaves. The old lady went to the Hanuman temple arid offered one loaf to Hanuman and broke her fast with the remaining one. Her grandsons noticed her and reported the matter to their mother. Their mother thought that the old lady was wasting one loaf and decided to give her one loaf only.
The old lady accepted one loaf on the coming Tuesday and went to the Hanuman temple. She offered half a loaf to lord Hanuman and broke her fast with the other half. Her grandson noticed it and reported again to their mother. Their mother thought that the old lady was wasting her food at family's expense. She decided not to give her any loaf on Tuesdays.
The old lady went to the Hanuman temple empty-handed. She had nothing to offer. Lord Hanuman appeared before her as a young boy and said, O, old ma, what ails you? The old lady related the whole story to the young boy. The young boy said, Why dont you erect a cottage of yours behind this temple? Take me as your son. I shall arrange food for you. What is the use of living with a family which does not care for its elders!
The old lady agreed and started living in the cottage. Everyday the young boy would bring a mug full of milk and a lump of crushed bread mixed with sugar and butter (churma) for her. Her life was now very happy and peaceful. The old ladys daughter-in-law became poorer and poorer day-after-day. Unwanted quarrels broke out in the house due to poverty. They had little to eat. One day she said to her children, Go to your grandmother and observe what she does.
The children went to their grandmother. The old lady welcomed them. She shared milk and Churma with them and asked them to visit her everyday. The children went back to their house and related the whole thing to their mother. She was surprised to know that the old lady was hale and hearty instead of growing weak. She realised her mistake and asked her husband to bring her back.
Her husband said, Why should I go? You are responsible for our sufferings. You make quarrels in the family everyday. You forced her to leave this house. You were jealous of her even for meager meals. This house lost its prosperity the moment she left us. You have no regards for your elders and their noble deeds.
The lady said, Let all of us go to her. We shall convince her that she should come back. Her husband agreed and they went to the old lady. The young boy was sitting with her and serving her food. The old ladys daughter-in-law fell at the feet of her mother-in-law and begged pardon of her for her misdeeds. The old lady said to the young boy; Should I accompany them as they have realized their mistake? The young boy said, Yes, you may. If you face any difficulty, you may come back.
The old lady returned to her family. She observed Tuesday fasts and her daughter-in-law never objected to her giving half of her food to Lord Hanuman. Prosperity again visited their house and they lived a happy life.

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