Monday, June 21, 2010

Ram's Character - Humanity's Lesson

This Holy Lake of Ram's Act ever be,
Lake of merit - destroying defilement fully,
Blessing the soul with knowledge totally,
Showing the light to Man's path eternally. [1]

But granting faith and wisdom infinity,
Washing away ignorance - filth wholly,
Clearing illusions and doubt unhesitatingly,
With overflowing love - knowledge with purity. [2]

Those who plunge into this will certainly,
Not burn in the scorching sun of humanity,
Having faith - shall ride with all humility,
Through birth and death to Lord's abode finally. [3]

Ram's acts are compassionate, just and holy,
Glowing and showing the path to Divinity,
Encompassing all the aspects of humanity,
So ever gracing all of Man's life unceasingly. [4]
Tulsi Das's work in essence is but truly,
`Ram the Master --  I the servant' only,
Worshiping his Master's lotus feet eternally,
And singing His praise with love infinitely. [5]
True worship is but to hold unto the Lord definitely,
Seeking nothing but His grace ever unwaveringly,
Detachment's essence - enduring pain giving pleasure only,
Compassion - suffering afflictions yet helping unhesitatingly. [6]

Ignorance - the root cause of sickness clearly,
Ever giving rise to all the forms of misery,
Lust is `wind', Greed the `phlegm' only,
Choler is `bile' -- inflaming the soul perpetually. [7]

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